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Ceramic nozzle 4003 M1/4" VAS

Ceramic nozzle 4003 M1/4" VAS

(Code: EN0802085)
The red ceramic of the ALBUZTEC nozzles is almost as wear resistant asdiamond and gives a very high mechanical wear and corrosion resistance. 
The choice of the correct model of high pressure nozzle is essential for good
washing quality.
The angle of the jet and the delivered water quantity is indicated with a 4 digits
code. The first two digits describes the jet angle and the 2 last digits the water
consumption at 100 bar (e.g. the code 03 corresponds to a water consumption of
6.81 L/min at 100 bar)
Systematic survey and control of nozzle wear is also essential to maintain
high quality washing and to avoid excessive water, energy and chemical
The choice of the material of the nozzle is also very important. A harder material
prevents premature wear on nozzles.