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NAYAX all in one card reader, MDB connection

NAYAX all in one card reader, MDB connection

(Code: EN0904111)
– Convenient for carwash bays, roll-overs, vacuum cleaners, token dispensers, vending
– The touch screen with voice assistance is user-friendly. It allows to be divided
in 4 parts (4 programs).
Micro-payments (up to 50€ in most of European countries)
– Capable of allowing contactless payments via VISA/MASTERCARD.
(PCI and EMVCo compliance)
– Capable of allowing micro payments with card insertion (without code)
– Connection via a SIM card (SIM card included) or LAN.
– Capable of allowing NFC payments via smartphone: Apple Pay, AndroïdPay…
Possibility to give credit at distance
Capable of allowing payments by smartphone via the MONYX App.
– The web service allows for sales to be remotly followed at distance and for complete
tracability in real time. (Cashless and Cash)
– Possibility to get a list of transaction in a PDF or EXCEL format.
– Proof of payment is available for the user through:

Height : 105 mm
Width : 84 mm
Depth : 48,3 mm
Weight : 230 g